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We know that getting your feet down in a new city can be challenging. How do you find somewhere to live, somewhere interesting to work and somewhere to have fun? What do you need to do to get in touch with Umeå? And what is even a Swedish fika? That's why we're here.

Our mission is to make sure that you have all the information and guidance you need to establish yourself in Umeå, and grow your career in our fascinating city and region. Whilst also enjoying a world-class quality of life!

Have you previously been in Umeå, but ended up leaving for a job elsewhere, and are now looking to come back? We've got you covered too. Your Umeå adventure is only just beginning. 

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Map of Umeå

Explore Umeå from above by using this interactive map. Check out living areas, commuting time, schools, shopping etc. by using the filtering function.

Colorful portrait by Artem Artemov

The Umeå spirit

Umeå is known for our cultural avenues and events, modern innovation and design, closeness to nature, and progressive people with fresh ideas. This, with a dose of hardcore music, is what makes the Umeå spirit. People from all around the world have found their place here and continue to bring Umeå into the forefront in Northern Sweden, and the Swedish Arctic.

Young woman in an urban environment, smiling at the camera


Tired of the grind? So are we. That's why Umeå sports one of the highest qualities of life in Sweden. Many workplaces have flexible worktimes, hybrid- or remote work options, and provide benefits to make sure that you have time to stay healthy even though you work full time. Hit up one our our many gyms (IKSU is particularly famous), head downtown for an AW or get out into the lush countryside for some R&R!

Umeå stad bw.png
Three cyclists on bikes by Dovile Ramoskaite

Say goodbye to long commutes

Umeå people are known for riding their bicycles everywhere, both in summer and winter. The city is also well connected via a central airport, both northern- and southernbound railway, and has bus lines driving both day and night. For work in the greater Umeå region, you could join one of our many car pools or commute with your own car.

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