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Getting a driver's license in Umeå

Even though you can easily traverse Umeå city with a bike or via public transport, getting a driver's license is a must have for many jobs. And there's no doubt that life in Northern Sweden in general is much simpler if you can drive a car, especially if you're looking to live in one of our more rural areas. Find out below how getting a license works, and where you can find a traffic school.

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What license do I need?

For most of your needs as an adult you want to have a B-class driver's license. This encompasses most passenger cars as well as light lorries, and a light trailer. A number of other vehicles are also included in the license. See the complete list here

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Driving Lesson

What are the requirements?

To take a B-class driver's license you must be 18 years of age, must be a permanent resident or have been studying here for at least six months. You must also have a learner's permit which you can apply for via The Swedish Transport Agency. For this you'll also have to visit an optician to test that your eyesight is good enough for driving a car. Read here for a full list of requirements.

How much does it cost?

Most traffic educations are based on the number of lessons you buy, as well as a number of mandatory courses. That's why costs vary between different student. You can also practice with an accompanying driver to gain experience.

Driving Lesson
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Are there financing options?

Traditionally the costs to pay for a driver's license education have been private. However, CSN has now started to grant student loans for traffic education as part of their work to help internationals establish themselves in Sweden. You can read more about this loan here.

Do I need to know Swedish to get a driver's license?

No, you won't neccessarily have to know Swedish to take a Swedish driver's license. Theory books both in physical and digital formats are available in English, as well as the finals test. You must however make sure that you know enough Swedish to be able to understand traffic warnings, or information given to you by a police. You must also ensure that your teacher can communicate clearly with your, so that you learn what you need to know.  Inform your traffic school of your needs.

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Finding your traffic school

We can't recommend individual traffic school, but below you can find all schools located in Umeå who are registered on Google. You can ask your friends or colleagues for their recommendations, or contact schools and find out if they offer a free first lesson, to make sure that they're the right fit for you.

What's next?

Once you have your license, the Swedish Arctic truly opens up to you. Why not plan your next roadtrip to the mountains, or maybe the beautiful Vindel river biosphere area? You don't even have to own your own car  - Umeå has several car pools and rental companies available for those of us who travel by car less often. Head over to Visit Umeå for inspiration on new adventures!

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