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How to change jobs in Umeå

We're in an unprecedented time of change where more and more people are looking to change career. Are you one of them? Umeå offers a number of ways to develop your skills and find something new. For a quick refresher on how to find and apply for jobs, head over to our page on finding a job. If you're already confident on how to find the job you're looking for, read below for tips on how to stand out from the crowd and find your way into a new career! 

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Update your resumé

Make sure you have an updated resumé (CV), updated social media profiles, especially on LinkedIn and MindDig. When changing careers, it's important to focus on your skills and not necessarily on what titles you've held in your previous career. It's also a good idea to write a few words about what you're looking to do now and in the future.


Research employers

Get to know the professional sector you're looking to join. Ask people in the sector for advice on employers, google companies and organizations and read up on what they do. Showing a grasp of their organization will help you get an edge in applying and in any possible upcoming interviews.

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Research roles

When you're switching careers, it's important to pin down what role you're looking to work in. And if you haven't worked in that role before, read up on what it entails. What sort of skills does that role need? What professional lingo is used? What is expected from you in such a role?


Develop new skills

By now you've maybe found a few gaps in your knowledge. That's alright, there are plenty of ways to fill those gaps. You could go the formal route and apply to a shorter course at one of our universities, do a remote course online, or for instance use LinkedIn E-learning to learn and certify a new skill!

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Showcase your skills

If you're still not getting a breakthrough, consider setting up a portfolio to showcase previous works. This can be either something physical which you can send to potential employers, or something digital like a webpage or a blog. Just make sure to tell your story and show off your skills!

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And remember...

You're awesome. Switching careers is both exciting and sometimes scary. People around you want you to succeed. We want you to succeed. So let people know you're looking for something new, and don't hesitate with asking them for some help! And don't be too hard on yourself if you don't succeed immediately - just keep your eyes on your long term goals, and you'll get there.

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