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Gateway Umeå - Now also in Swedish!

Hi everyone, Oscar here.

You might've noticed that a little language icon has appeared on top of the homepage. We've just translated the whole webpage, excluding the menu (it's hardcoded for some weird reason!) to Swedish. This isn't neccessarily because we don't think that Swedes can't read English, but moreso to make sure that interested Swedes also find our webpage on search engines.

However, this will not stop Gateway Umeå from being English first. It's a core decision that we've decided to stick with through thick and thin. The reason is simple: There is far too little English information in Umeå. We pride ourselves with being the most internationalized city in Northern Sweden but still struggle with such basic things as making sure that information and events are available in English. In this day and age of really great online translation tools, we at Gateway Umeå feel that it's the least we can do.

So yes, let your Swedish friends know about us as well, but be sure that we'll continue our internationalization efforts of Umeå!

Glad to have you here; let's make a bright future together.

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