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Skills in high demand in Umeå

There are many categories of jobs that are currently, and up to at least five years from now, in very high demand both in Umeå, and in Sweden overall. Read the full list below to guide you to a job, or inform you before you choose your path of education or upskilling! Source is Arbetsförmedlingen's annual report on the topic, published in 2022.


The employment agency has published an updated forecast for approximately 180 occupations until 2026. Among the university occupations with the greatest job opportunities are healthcare occupations, but this also applies to police officers, software analysts, IT architects, software and system developers.

There are also great opportunities for work in professions that require a lower level of education, including medical secretaries, care administrators, building and ventilation sheet metal workers as well as woodworkers and carpenters.

- The labor market has recovered strongly after the pandemic and we assess that there are generally great opportunities for work in many occupations, but then an education is usually required, says Ingrid Viklund Ros, labor market analyst at Arbetsförmedlingen. (You can read the original Swedish article here).

Jobs for talent with a

university degree

  • System analysts and IT architects

  • Software and system developers

  • Occupational therapists

  • Specialist doctors

  • Midwives

  • Specialist nurses

  • Dentist

  • Teacher in vocational subjects

  • Preschool teacher

  • Police officers

Busy Working Day
Construction Engineers

Jobs for talent with

vocational training

  • Medical Secretaries/Administrators

  • Assistant nurses

  • Plumbing- and ventilation fitters

  • Woodworkers and carpenters

  • Midwives

  • Painters

  • Installation and service electricians

  • Motor vehicle mechanics

  • Operators of agricultural and forestry machinery

  • Butchers and cutters

  • Bus and tram drivers

What's next?

Do you have a background and skills in one of the fields who are in high demand? Start scoping out a workplace, a company, or an organization you might be interested in, look through LinkedIn and MindDig for open positions, or contact the potential employer directly. Also, don't worry if your field isn't listed here. This list only represents the super hot occupations here. There are still jobs available in almost all categories, so put yourself out there and start searching for your next job!

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