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How do I start a business in Umeå?

Umeå's has a thriving start-up scene. To get started, you need a grasp of how starting a business in Sweden works, and then understand the local context in Umeå.

Starting a business in Sweden

First, let's get to know the general process of starting a business in Sweden. Here's an article from with some great general guidelines and advice. There are also a number of different articles on, which is run by the Swedish government to service businesses.

Two Swedish flags hanging from flagpoles, off the wall of a brick building

Finding your start in Umeå

Starting a business can be lonely work, especially if you don't already have a team. It can also be daunting if you've never started a business before. That's why Umeå provides several business incubators and have a number of advisory organizations in place run by the university, the municipality, and private sector initiatives. Depending on what type of business you want to start, different incubators will be suitable for you.

An excellent start is to contact either Coompanion or Nyföretagarcentrum for a free consultation, and learn about different ways to start a company here, both general advice and available programs and support.

For innovative ideas, or new tech, you can consider joining Uminova Innovation. If your idea caters towards artistic, creative and cultural enterprise eXpression Umeå is the way to go. Both of these incubators are run by Umeå University in collaboration with partners. If you happen to be in Life Science or Biotech, we recommend Umeå Biotech Incubator. And if you're a younger entrepreneaur, check out BIC Factory who specializes in supporting young, smart ideas.

For other options, head over to Umeå Municipality's complete guide to starting a company in Umeå. Sadly, the page is only available in Swedish right now.

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Co-working spaces in Umeå

So you've got your idea, you've registered with the necessary agencies and got the necessary permits, if any. But where do you work, if not from home? Where can you find other new businesses to network with? Even if you're a one-person company, it might be nice to meet other professionals now and then. This is where co-working spaces come in. Let's explore some available options below!

People working by computers in an open office landscape by Israel Andrade

BIC Factory

We’ll help you get your business off to a smart start.


BIC Factory is a business incubator that works to discover and help young entrepreneurs start businesses in Umeå. If you’re between 18 and 40 years old and ready to invest in your business idea, we’ll help you develop your company for two years. We offer a creative environment, tailored business support, and access to a strong network. This provides the ideal conditions to launch a startup and gives you a shortcut into the world of business.

Street entrance for BIC Factory, a local co-working space and business incubator

House be Umeå

Co-working in Northern Sweden.


House Be. Feel at home as in your living room, but with spaces created to get things done. A creative place - full of modern people with sharp ideas. Come inside and meet our friends who have already hung their jackets in the hall.


Work. Play. Be.

This is how we live. This is how we work; as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, colleagues and friends. We work hard, but are not afraid of taking a break to play and fill up with energy again. We can stop and breathe, and we can focus here and now.


House Be is much more than a regular office hotel. Why? Well, because we have so much more to offer than comfortable chairs and raising desks.

House Be brings together all types of companies and organisations under one roof. The secret, however, is that with our values ​​Work. Play. Be. we can build a culture that makes each individual feel welcome, appreciated and valued. In parallel, we are building a strong network and ecosystem around those chairs and the raising tables. We firmly believe in this combination and it has proven to create both success and happiness for our members.

Welcome to book a visit and a tour of our location, or try out our office for a day for free!

House Be Umeå lounge

A Working Lab Universum

A Working Lab Universum at Umeå University is a brand new meeting place for the undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the business community.  


It offers different types of office space, common meeting rooms, event and conference environments and services for companies that want to work on campus together with Umeå’s innovation system. Join us at Universums gränd 8.


A woman with a laptop sat in a grey sofa, in a modern lobby area

Vasagatan 6

Behind a beautiful and historic wooden gate, in the center of Umeå you will find Vasagatan 6. A more personal office space.


Vasagatan 6 offers both an open office landscape with fixed locations or own offices. The common areas for lunch and conference hold good coffee, fresh fruit and lots of coziness.


Vasagatan 6 is operated by AM Group.

For info, contact or visit

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Are you creative? Check out eXpression Umeå!

The Story of the Creatives
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