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About us

The bridge between employers and talent

Gateway Umeå is a talent attraction and retention initiative in a collaboration between Umeå Municipality Department of Business and Region Västerbotten. We're happy that you've found us - feel free to read about our team below!

Gathering of people walking around the Umeå city square during an event.

Who we are

Let's be honest: Our team loves Umeå. We've all moved through different parts of the world, and ended up choosing Umeå. Some of us have chosen Umeå over and over again, and taken on the challenge of getting established in a highly competitive labor market. Why? Because Umeå is different. It lives and breathes fresh ideas, exciting research, new business ventures and world-class cultural events. It is unlike anything else in the Swedish Arctic  - and maybe unlike anything else in the world. Through our experiences we know the ins and outs of building a life and growing a career here. For us, Gateway Umeå is a way of sharing those experiences so that you too can become part of our growing city and region.

What we do

Our mission is to work directly with employers to support them in developing stronger recruitment processes, combined with improved talent attraction to both employers and the Umeå region as a whole. In this endeavour we collaborate with the project Attrahera Flera and Train to Västerbotten, as well as the municipalities of Robertsfors, Vindeln, Vännäs, Nordmaling and Bjurholm to strengthen the whole region. 

We especially work with small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) within digitalization, industrial production, and creative & cultural businesses. Beyond that we provide information and guides to talent looking to learn about the labor market of Umeå, in close collaboration with Visit Umeå and Future by Umeå.

Our team

Our partners

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