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We get many questions about what it is we do, what we can help with and what services Gateway Umeå provides. Here are some common questions and answers about us and our work!

What can Gateway Umeå help me with?

At these early stages of Gateway Umeås development we provide information, spread awareness, and can direct users to different events as well as matchmaking services to help you find a job in Umeå. Since we're a small, local team we cannot at this stage provide individual service on the regular but it is something we might look into if the project grows in the future. 


Why is it named Gateway Umeå?

Our vision is to provide ways into Umeå, whether it's to a job, to meaningful hobbies and organizations, education or even a new home. We try to facilitate the needs of talent to open Umeå up for new citizens. That's why it's named Gateway Umeå. 


Is Gateway Umeå hiring?

At this point in time we do not have any open positions. If any positions open in the future we'll make sure to post them both on Arbetsförmedlingen, LinkedIn and of course Umeå Municipality's homepage.


Does Gateway Umeå do matchmaking?

We don't personally provide matchmaking services, but we are in collaboration both with the recruitment agencies of Umeå, MindDig and Arbetsförmedlingen. We are also involved in a number of student consulting events alongside Umeå Municipality and Umeå University.


How does Gateway Umeå work with companies and employers?

You can read about how we work with companies and employers on this page. We're developing ways to service companies in their own work with strengthening their brands as employers as well as their internal processes, especially when it comes to broadening the types of candidates that they are able to match with jobs. We're also actively working to further internationalization in Umeå to provide ways into the labor market for international talent.

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