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Hanna Dermes Gibson and Oscar Sedholm

Working with employers

We're not only here to serve talents, but also companies and organizations who are interested in improving their own talent-attraction and internationalization efforts. We do this by forming win-win collaborations, organizing events, spreading knowledge, and putting you in touch with the talents themselves.

Summer jobs platform

An important step to create sustainable growth in Umeå is to strengthen Umeå students' relationship with Umeå as a place to live, work and build a future. To retain talent, we've launched a pilot of gathering summers jobs for Umeå students in one single place: The Gateway Umeå Summer Jobs board. Read more on how you can participate as an employer by clicking the button below.

Collaborate with us

Let's not beat around the bush: We're trying to sell Umeå as a place to live. Not for monetary gains, but to promote sustainable growth of the city's population and businesses. A place for talent to grow and build careers, and live extraordinary lives on the edge of the Arctic. Chances are that you as a company or organization also wins if Umeå as a place flourishes. That's why we're trying to find ways in which we can form win-win collaborations. Do you have something which could add to the growing pool of opportunities we can offer directly to talent? Hit us up.

If we come to an agreement we'll feature your offer in the relevant category of our homepage and include it in our marketing efforts going forward. This will not only bring value to the talents but also heighten awareness of your brand - and might even lead to your next star recruitment!

The Frontrunners Initiative

An important part of our work is to promote internationalization efforts in Umeå, to make a broader spectrum of recruits available for Umeå's companies and organizations. We know that going international is a lot of work, and that it's especially challenging for smaller companies and organizations without a dedicated HR-department. But we needed to learn more.


That's when we came up with the Frontrunner Initiative - to gather a group of employers who're already working with internationalization, to learn together and share that knowledge with the rest of Umeå's business life. After an open call to employers, we're starting meetings during the spring of 2023, and will produce both Frontrunner content and events going forward.

Keep your eyes open for the Frontrunner Initiative!

The Future

Our aim is to create a database here of useful information, educational material and inspiration for developing your attractiveness as an employer. But the work of implementing changes is in the end in your hands. This might mean switching over to English as a working language, accepting talent with a broader profile than you've done before, or changing your onboarding process. There's not one single solution but many different possibilities. If you want to talk to us about the challenges facing your company or organization, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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