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Try coworking at House Be Umeå

We've spoken to our friends at House Be Umeå to extend an offer to any aspiring startup to try out their co-working space downtown. Interested? Read about them below, head to their webpage, and make sure to say hello from Gateway Umeå.


About House Be

We want to make it easy for all kinds of companies and organizations to run their business and realize their dreams, from the place where they feel most comfortable. Through our motto Work. Play. Be. we create the absolute best conditions for working hard; creative places that make networking a natural and curiosity the natural approach.


With tailor-made solutions for both large corporations and start-ups, where the latter are offered cheaper prices and support. In parallel, we create space for a sustainable lifestyle where breaks of various kinds are a matter of course. The combination has proven to be a successful concept. Our culture is in the walls, everyone is welcome here and together we create a community that cares for each other.


In central Umeå we have two locations and in total you will find us in nine locations - Åre, Östersund, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, Härnösand, Örnsköldsvik, Umeå, Skellefteå and Luleå.


Welcome to Norrland  - There is always  room for you

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