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Working in Umeå

Our growing city needs you. There are plenty positions to be filled both in the public and the private sector, from developing the next AI-tool, to creating the next showstopper for Swedish stages, to helping someone in need. But getting in touch with employers can be challenging, especially if you don't speak fluent Swedish. That's why we're here to help you.

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Find an exciting job through


We're collaborating with the awesome team over at MindDig to provide you with a place to display your experience as well as connect with businesses around Umeå, and the North. Head over to MindDig to register, upload your CV and start browsing local job ads!

Join up with one of our many

Recruitment agencies

We've met up with all of the recruitment agencies in the Umeå region to make sure that they're on board to welcome talent coming through Gateway Umeå. Explore your options and get in touch with them to find the recruitment agency for you.

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The way to success

We're all on our own career journeys, but many of us face the same problems. To gain a foothold in Umeå you need to know a few things about how the Swedish labor market works, as well as where you can connect with Umeå companies and organizations. We've got your back. Below are some subjects which may be helpful for you!

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How to find a job in Umeå?

There's a jungle of different options for finding a job today. Let us give you a few hints!

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How to connect with your business sector in Umeå?

How do you get in touch with the company or sector you're interested in? Let us help you.

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Networking & professional events in Umeå

Getting to know other people in the business is great for growing your career. Check out all the current and upcoming events we have!

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How to change jobs in Umeå?

Not feeling at home where you're currently working? Switching career might be exactly what you need.

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How is remotely working from Umeå?

The labor market is rapidly changing. Working remotely from Umeå is a great way to combine high quality of life with your work.

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How do I find work in Umeå after studies?

Once you set foot outside the university, a whole new world of opportunities are open for you. Find your way into the Umeå labor market through us.

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How does Swedish labor laws and welfare work?

If you're moving in from abroad, learning a bit about Swedish labor laws is essential to making sure you gain a good foothold.

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How do I start my own business in Umeå?

Interested in starting your own business? Read up on some of the incubators and finance options which are available in Umeå.

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What jobs are in demand in Umeå?

As the Umeå region is growing there is a high demand both for talent with degrees, and those with vocational training. Read the complete list here!

And remember...

Work isn't everything. Becoming a part of Umeå is about so much more than what job you have. Why not explore some of the fantastic opportunities Umeå offers for having fun and enjoying life?

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